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Learn what you need to know to conduct successful business in Mexico! This book is a primer on all aspects of doing business in Mexico, with practical examples that illustrate the risks and benefits of Mexican business operations. It provides the basic knowledge that all prospective investors and entrepreneurs in Mexico need, especially in the light of NAFTA. One of the authors is the former CEO and chairman of a multinational, multi-billion dollar company headquartered in Mexico City; the other is a CPA and consultant with small-to-medium-sized firms. "Doing Business in Mexico: A Practical Guide" provides you with comprehensive, basic knowledge of the pros and cons of establishing a business in Mexico, NAFTA and its implications for businesses, and much more. This single volume gives you what you need to know about: the maquila industry - what it is and how NAFTA affects it information about taxes, labor law, and accounting differences between Mexico and the United States basic considerations in beginning a Mexican operation import/export requirements foreign currency exposure United States tax laws applicable to citizens living abroad ...and includes five appendixes that supply you with: contact information - addresses, telephone numbers, Web sites - of useful government agencies and journals/periodicals in Mexico and Mexican consulates in the United States Spanish-English and English-Spanish business glossaries examples of Mexican financial statements minimum daily wage ra...

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