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Document from the year 2010 in the subject Law - Philosophy, History and Sociology of Law, , course: Rechtswissenschaft; Bioethik; Medizinethik, language: Portugues, abstract: The medical Act and its normative nature. This approach aims to subsidize the reflection about the regulation of the profession of doctor. For this purpose, it is essential a primary study of the nature of the Medical Act and it's normative being. From the rosary of themes that are discussed in the sphere of regulating the medical profession, interests here specially those which are very closely interwoven with the scope of the democratic State of law. Such themes reach since the authorization for the opening of medical schools, until the medical Act and unique medical Act, or the guidelines and Bases of medical studying. Reach further: the record and revalidation of doctor's certificate obtained in Brazil and abroad; revalidation of doctor's certificate abroad obtained outside the country, specific work permission to exercise the activities and the role of physician in Brazilian territory, for Brazilian citizen and for citizen abroad.This work aims, therefore, from the concept of medical Act and its normative nature, to subsidize the reflection about regulating the profession of doctor in Brazil. With this aim (1) a conception of medical Act is presented and distinctions between the medical act and medical conduct is done, differentiating them from the regulatory Administrative Act (2) the ...

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