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Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics, , course: MComPM, language: English, abstract: Team leadership has always been at the epicentre, the heart of any company wishing to meet strategy objectives. Working in an environment where teams function cross-functionally, functional centricity can become the turf and playground that obstruct and eliminate objectives for strategic intent. To enable a shared vision which meet strategy objectives this research study has examined a core sample of team leaders who provided leadership of their various teams. Given a competency to which level all leaders conformed in their managerial capacity to lead teams, eleven team leaders were evaluated with regard to key competency characteristics involving empathy, feedback, leadership capacity, commitment, performance, empowerment, communication, motivation and influence. The respondent teams were assessed on their maturity level and a Tuckman plot was compiled to measure each team's maturity level in the organisation as well as each team's competency characteristic dimensions which consisted of the following:- Absence of trust.- The fear of conflict.- The lack of commitment. -The avoidance of accountability; and- Inattention to results.To move from a good to even a great team performance, characterising a high-performance team with an impressive team leader, measurement is needed to pin-point the level at which the assessed ...

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