sex and the city короткое платье недорого

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Sex and the City meets Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver in this delicious combination of love, sex and the art of eating. This is the ultimate book for the those with an appreciation for the mouth-wateringly scrumptious and sensual.Sex and the City meets the culinary goddess within, in this delicious offering on love, sex and the art of eating.Alexandra Antonioni argues that food plays a significant role in the seduction and binding of individuals, and offers a collection of musings, anecdotes, quotes and recipes to enhance the smooth path of love.Alexandra takes us on a journey through the highs and lows of modern-day relationships in terms of food, from first date encounters to the inevitable tv dinners. She extols the virtues of love, sex and food whilst providing menus, relationship advice and personal anecdotes on various love-related subjects.We now live in a world of serial but temporary monogamy, where a smorgasbord of endless possibility exists, where a broken heart is no longer terminal but easily and endlessly restorable, rejuvenated and reinvented with the helping hand of a culinary masterpiece or two.Today we seek not so much Mr. Right as Mr. Right Now, thus each relationship can be argued to exist somewhere in:"The Beginning" «The Middle» « The End»Each stage is described by Alexandra in humorous and toe-curlingly familiar detail, coupling the well-know art of love with the less well-known art of culinary bliss, offering advice, experiences and menus not just for the seduction dinner (Beginning) or the comfort food zone (End), but a delicious selection of post-coital snacks, lazy Sunday breakfasts and morning after brunches for all those stages in between.

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