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Ursula knew that she needed to stay healthy enough to make the swim, build a den, and prepare for her cubs. She needed to store as much energy as possible, as it would be up to five months of fasting in the den, then nursing her young for a few months after. She sometimes envied the male polar bears. Their only concern was themselves. The Arctic adventure continues as Ursula the polar bear embarks on her journey to becoming a mother with the love and support of her brother Mato. We learn more about the Arctic region as we observe the adventures of her first born. This includes navigating the changing climate, hunting, human encounters, and making new friends. Even polar bears must determine his or her heart's desires, which isn't easy. As the bears face challenges and learn how to maintain good relationships, readers will simultaneously learn about the importance of perseverance and the value of family. Despite difficulties, polar bears show us how to follow our "true north" with the guidance of our hearts.

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